‘Masters of Sex’ episode 10 preview: Punches are thrown; the Provost returns

Masters of Sex -Let us start this “Masters of Sex” preview with what we personally believe to be the greatest news to all television: The return of Beau Bridges as the Provost after a one-week absence. If this man is not nominated for some sort of guest-acting Emmy after all of this, we are going to start to question the voters in the same way that many at the time questioned Dr. Masters’ sex study.

However, the return of the Provost does not necessarily mean much of a story that is focused on him. Instead, what seems to be the crux of Sunday night’s new episode is the suddenly-reformed love triangle involving Bill, Virginia, and Ethan … even though Bill is a married man. Just in case he wanted to not make his feelings about his assistant obvious, he completely ruins that by staging a beatdown on Ethan and also apparently giving him a negative performance review. He also screams at Virginia, but we’re not going to sit here and pretend like that is the first time that this has happened on the show.

By the end of this episode, maybe we will at least have some more answers about if Bill is going to start being present in his marriage again, or if we are just going to see the show start down the road that we know it is inevitably heading him with. The thing that the writers are obviously trying to balance is the drama and the realism with the fact that this is a long series; there is no hurry to shove Bill into the next phase of his career at least so long as the story is strong. Plus, the greater the backstory and attention given to each one of these characters, the more impactful the major events will ultimately be.

What do you think is going to happen on Sunday night? Share your thoughts below; also, click here if you want to read our most-recent episode review.

Photo: Showtime

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