‘The Following’ season 2 spoilers: Kevin Bacon casts dark light on someone’s future

New scoop! -If you were hoping for whatever reason that there was going to be some sort of miracle for both Ryan and Claire at the start of “The Following” season 2, you are probably going to need to adjust your face to “permanent frown.” After all, there is some pretty sad news coming your way.

We’re of course talking here about the fate of Natalie Zea’s character of Claire at the start of “The Following” season 2. While nobody has necessarily confirmed that she is dead, it’s certainly not looking very good for her based on the majority of the information that is out there. One such reliable source is series star Kevin Bacon, who paints a pretty grim picture for the character’s future in a new interview with TVLine:

“What happened to Claire is absolutely tragic and horrible … When you see the first episode of Season 2, you’ll se that Ryan has lost everything that he feels for and cares deeply about. It could not have gone worse.”

You can take that information however you like, but we’re just going to assume the worst, especially given that there is already scoop out there that Hardy gets a new love interest for season 2, and thanks to that and the reports of a time jump, it may be why Fox is not exactly that steadfast in trying to keep a lid on some of the biggest potential spoilers of the new season. They clearly know that they have enough other stuff waiting around the corner that is exciting / will surely make your skin crawl.

“The Following” is going to get every opportunity possible to succeed during season 2, including getting the chance to actually open the season following the NFC Championship Game. If it still fails, it may just be proof that either viewers found the first season a little too over-the-top, or they are just not that interested in watching network serialized shows for more than a season.

We will have some more scoop on the new season as soon as we receive it, so be sure to stay tuned for more on that.

Photo: Fox

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