‘American Idol XIII’ reminds you with Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson that it’s amazing

The logo -Sure, there are a number of singing competitions on the air … so why would you check out “American Idol” instead? Well, the latest promo below from the Fox series seems to have created quite the compelling argument for itself when it comes to why you should watch it, and not any other show: Its artists sell records.

Basically, the entire video focusing on the show’s January return is just a lengthy reminder that Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, and Jennifer Hudson are accomplished. Extremely accomplished. More so than other singing shows. You can almost imagine the voice of Ryan Seacrest singing “we’re better than you are” when it comes to some of the others on TV.

But is it really the right strategy to argue that your show has made more stars than anyone else? At this point, we don’t really think that it matters as much. “The Voice” is the best singing show on the air right now, and we have zero expectation that any of these people are going to go on to sell millions of albums. The only real difference is that “The Voice” is an entertaining show that really focuses on that and the performances more so than whether or not artists do well after the show. Times have changed, and there are already so many people on the radio that we don’t necessarily need another “idol” to go on and dominate the charts.

It’s for this reason that we feel like Fox was rather smart to at least give you a few seconds of footage at the end of this promo that focus on something a little bit different, in some of the interactions that are there between the judges this season. Translation? They want you to forget quickly about how horrible the judges were prior to this. So far, the editors are really doing all of the right things to make this cred likable, and we just have to wait and see if they end up delivering when the show actually airs.

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Photo: Fox

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