‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3, episode 9 video: A Lana Parrilla – Robert Carlyle sneak peek

What's next? -When you look at the various flashbacks that we’ve seen for “Once Upon a Time” over the years, there is one constant that links all of them: A lack of constancy. We almost endlessly see ourselves bouncing from one part of the story to the next, whether it be the origins of Peter Pan early on in Rumpelstiltskin’s life to what happened mere moments before the curse was initiated on all of the fairy-tale world.

The latter timeline is where we are going to find ourselves at the start of Sunday night’s “Save Henry,” which serves as one of the most important episodes to date. This is the one that explains why Regina chose to adopt the child in the first place, and how she may have even received a warning that this is something that she was going to be interested in doing at some point.

When Rumple tells Lana Parrilla’s character this information in the sneak-peek video below, she does not seem to be particularly keen on listening. As a matter of fact, her logic for trying to tune him out is that she is very well aware as to who she is, and he is over-estimating just how powerful his clairvoyance rally is. Granted, at the time Regina was not looking to fulfill a hole in her life, mostly because she had it all in power, authority, and also fear. What she probably also underestimated is just what sort of loneliness and emptiness was going to come out of being completely alone following the completion of the curse, and surrounded by people who were hollow down to their core. One of the reasons why she may have wanted a child was because she was desperate to latch on to something that was actually real for a change, and not just some fabrication of a spell.

What do you think about this video? Share some of your thoughts below! We’ve also got some more details on the end of Neverland here, at least in terms of some of what will be happening early on in the second part of this season.

Photo: ABC

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