‘Glee’ season 5 song spoilers: Hear Lea Michele, Naya Rivera, Chris Colfer sing ‘Chipmunk Song’

Christmas -The following headline was not a joke. We repeat. It was not a joke.  We don’t know what is more ridiculous: That “Glee” is airing a Christmas special when their show is currently taking place in April or May, or that one of the songs is the classic “Chipmunk Song” that has become somewhat of a holiday staple.

One of the craziest things about this performance is that it really doesn’t sound like Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and Naya Rivera at all. Their voices are distorted to sound so much like chipmunks, we’re just having to take the show’s word for it that Rachel, Kurt, and Santana are singing here. We don’t really know why the show bothered to create a new version for the song at all, given that they could have just played the original and had it sound no different at all.

One of the other things that we do need to remember here when listening to this performance is that it may not actually be a part of the episode at all. One of the things that we’ve learned from past Christmas specials is that in order to be able to make money off of a full album, the show often creates a good four or five songs that never appear in the episode, and are disc-only releases for people who decide that they really need a fourth “Glee” Christmas album to add to the others that are out there. (To us, the first one is really still the only one worth listening to, since the Christmas songs have slowly become more and more silly since that time.)

This episode airs a week from Thursday, and it is going to be the last one until the show returns in February. When it comes come back on the air, it will be in a brand-new timeslot Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, which is going to be a heck of a tough time to compete given that you also have “NCIS” and “Agents of SHIELD” to air against. We actually feel like Thursdays at 9:00 at this point is a much easier time, since they at least don’t have to worry about a pair of shows that could appeal to a similar audience in “The Originals” as well as “Pretty Little Liars.”

Just to continue our theme of listening to bizarre and somewhat unneeded “Glee” performances, just be sure to visit the link here in the even that you want to check out the new cover of the recent viral hit “The Fox” for Thursday night’s “Puppet Master” episode.

Photo: Fox

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