‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9, episode 12 preview: ‘The Rehearsal Dinner’ is here

Get ready -For those of you who did not enjoy an episode of “How I Met Your Mother” featuring a constant stream of rhymes, you are probably going to be a lot happier with “The Rehearsal Dinner.” Not only will it be a standard episode of the show, but it’s the episode before the midseason finale. Last year around this time, we had an opportunity to see the proposal with Barney and Robin, so you have to imagine that there is something else big in the works.

Unfortunately, the first promo below does not really give much away in terms of big moments. Instead, you have a Liberace reference, and also a debate as to where to have this dinner. Barney’s suggestion is pretty surprising in his favorite laser tag establishment, but we’re pretty sure that no one else is going to be willing to go for that.

Remember that this is around the time during the wedding weekend where the question raised during the premiere starts to surface: Is anyone or anything going to potentially ruin the wedding? That’s the one big teaser that we will leave you with. This story is going to come raring back, and at least one, if not two, of our favorite characters are going to be involved with it. It would make sense for the Mother to also appear during this episode to give people one more thing to look forward to, but that has not been confirmed. (If she doesn’t appear, we’re assuming that some diehard fans are going to revolt.)

Are you ready for the rehearsal dinner to happen, and where do you think that it will be held? Share your thoughts below! Also, click here for some more “How I Met Your Mother” news, including a full review of tonight’s episode. Following this episode, the show will be on hiatus until January. At that point, it really will start to feel like the time that the big wedding itself is finally upon us.

Photo: CBS

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