‘Family Guy’: Dog Brian Griffin dies in latest episode, gets run over by car (video)

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We know that shows love to kill off characters during the November sweeps, but for one of those shows to be “Family Guy” is somewhat surprising. Also, we’re really hoping that they just find some way to bring the character back to life soon, given that it is one of the most beloved of the entire show.

During the episode Sunday night (which was delayed significantly for most due to NFL football), the show decided to say goodbye to Brian Griffin as the family dog was hit by a car. Fox later put out a video below showing some of Brian’s best moments, and it’s actually rather sad. The idea of getting choked up over “Family Guy,” which relies mostly on stupid humor and a billion gags a second, is something that we never thought we would ever admit to until now.

Stewie tried to save Brian, but the time machine that he once built had been taken apart, and wasn’t able to get it together before the character went to the other side. Eventually in the episode, the Griffins decided to get a new dog in Vinnie, voiced by Tony Sirico.

There are a couple of ways to look at Brian’s death. Maybe producers wanted to shake up the story a little bit, or maybe Seth MacFarlane did not want to continue taking the time to voice a good half of the show’s primary family. Either way, fans are by and large not pleased … and we get that. Stewie and Brian are the two most interesting characters on the show, and their chemistry goes hand in hand. How can you really have one without the other?

The good news here is that this is animation, and almost anything can happen there. Maybe they’ll find a way to get the time machine together after all, or revive the dog from the dead. We really wouldn’t rule anything out for a show that has done far stranger things over the years than participate in a little black magic.

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