ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 10 preview: 6 teasers for Stana Katic, Nathan Fillion, a baby

Baby -What is going to be taking place on “Castle” Monday night? “The Good, the Bad, and the Baby” is one of the most highly-anticipated episodes of the season, and for good reason: It’s important not just for the sake of a good case, but you get an opportunity here to learn a little bit about whether or not Castle and Beckett are going to ever look at having children seriously, or if it is something that will be more of an afterthought with everything else going on in their lives.

What we like to do here every Monday morning is present six teasers of what to expect from the episode, and while we won’t give anything major away, these are the little things that should have you excited for this to air.

1. While this may not be a dramatic episode, it is some of Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic’s better work as they show what Castle and Beckett would be like as parents as they take care of a baby that was discovered at a crime scene. The way in which they handle the child, and think about their future, may surprise you.

2. This baby is not related to the murder victim at the church (see the photo above), but there is a reason why the child is there.

3. There is a great side-plot regarding Detective Ryan and a certain passion of his … one that makes Esposito frequently roll his eyes.

4. Every major character appears this week, including both Alexis and Martha for the first time in a few weeks.

5. Just when you think Castle and Beckett have their feelings about children set in stone near the end of the episode someone may help to change their mind almost instantly.

6. There is no mention at all of the 3XK drama from last week. Dr. Kelly Nieman is still out there, but she does not turn up at all here.

Overall, this is an episode that is definitely worth watching. Next to maybe “Time Will Tell,” it is our favorite of the entire season so far and shows off some different sides to all of the characters.

If you want to read some more “Castle” news, just take a look at the sneak peek here. We will have the full review up tonight after the episode airs.

Photo: ABC

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