‘The Mentalist’ season 6, episode 9 preview: Simon Baker, ‘My Blue Heaven,’ and what’s next

The latest -The Red John story on “The Mentalist” is now seemingly complete, but there are still so many issues with the show to be tackled and processed. For one, what happens next to Patrick Jane and the other members of the former CBI?

If we had it our way, “My Blue Heaven” would be the start of a beautiful and serialized journey like the one that we’ve seen the past few episodes. For years, this show was middling along as yet another crime procedural that was at best hit-or-miss. However, the Red John saga this season changed that, and almost flipped the switch to the show’s true potential. These were some of the best episodes on television, and we don’t want to go back now.

Unfortunately, all we know about this episode right now can be summarized in the following points:

1. Emily Swallow will make her first appearance in a mysterious role. She’ll be a series regular, and therefore will have quite a role to play in all future developments. The promo below suggests that she may be a new love interest for Jane, and they are in some sort of new, somewhat tropical environment doing something completely different than anything that he has done before. Does she spell bad news for Jane / Lisbon shippers? Probably for the time being.

2. The action takes place two years after “Red John,” and the entire crew is going to be scattered. Lisbon will be in San Francisco, Rigsby and Van Pelt will be in Northern California, and Cho will be in Austin.

3. Jane is set to receive a surprising job offer that could change the course of his future.

Unfortunately, the promo does not reveal much more in the way of secrets. All we can say is that this does mark a new beginning for the character, he’s not locked up in prison, and he seems to be happy. It will just be interesting to see how long that lasts.

What do you want to see from the remainder of “The Mentalist”? Share below, and click here to take a look at our full review for “Red John.”

Photo: CBS

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