‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4 spoilers: First photo of Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell in ‘Who’s in the Box?’

Who's in the Box -Are you ready for “Pretty Little Liars” to be back on the air already? We get it; but you should at least take a little bit of joy in that the ABC Family series is at least not keeping you waiting nearly as long as some other shows do, and it will be back on the air January 7 with an hour that really asks itself one heck of an important question: “Who’s in the Box?”. This is of course a reference to Alison DiLaurentis; if she is alive, then who was buried in her place?

Sadly, the first photo from the episode doesn’t really give you too much in the way of information, even if it does show you the latest fashion trends that Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, and the rest of the cast are showing off.

Fashion aside, there are some major mysteries that need to be unraveled here even away from Alison. For example, you have to remember the news that Ezra Fitz is not exactly the nicest person in the world anymore. As a matter of fact, he’s about as evil as they come thanks to his affiliation with “A.” But is he really a bad guy, or just someone who is operating as a part of a larger regime? We don’t know his motivations at the moment, so almost any question that you could ask on the subject one be one that would constitute fairness.

Also, we have to still figure out if what has transpired in Ravenswood with Caleb will change his relationship with Hanna in any way, or if Spencer / Toby and Emily / Paige can keep their present relationships strong. As we have seen on the show a number of times already, this is infinitely more challenging than it may at first appear.

Want to read some more news regarding this winter premiere episode? We’ve got a full synopsis for the hour here, and we’ll have much more throughout the rest of this hiatus.

Photo: ABC Family

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