‘NCIS’ season 11 spoilers: First photo of Emily Wickersham’s second episode

Devil's Triad -While the second episode for a character may not feel as important as the first one in theory, we’d actually argue that it is far more essential to their long-term game on the show. The first one is typically stuffed full of exposition to give you a sense as to why they are there, whereas the second one more often than not allows them to really become immersed into the case. It is in this instance that you really start to get the chance to see who is a legitimate fit, and who sticks out like a sore thumb.

Based on what we saw from the Ellie Bishop character on “NCIS” season 11 last week, we really felt like she was a solid addition. The show didn’t try to paint her as Ziva 2.0, and she had her own backstory and quirks that made her different than everyone else on the team. But, she also had a huge opportunity to show all of that off, since she was tied in many ways to the actual case. How will she fit in now is the real question.

The episode “Devil’s Triad,” which airs on December 10 (two weeks from Tuesday), should provide you with a little bit of a better idea. the photo above shows Emily Wickersham alongside Sean Murray and Michael Weatherly, and you wouldn’t tell from just the picture alone that she is new to the team. But, what role will she have in regular cases? Is she an ace in the hole, or someone who jumps in from the start? Since she’s more of an analyst than someone likely to go out into the field of play (at least in theory), this could shift the dynamics of the team and allow for more Tony – McGee situations to unfold (not to mention ones featuring Gibbs).

The story of this episode actually has more to do with Gibbs, thanks to the return of a certain woman played by Melinda McGraw. The focus for Bishop will be more on her trying to fit in with the team. You can click here if you want to see a full description of the hour, and we’ll have more to share here once it becomes available.

Photo: CBS

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