‘Sherlock’ season 3 trailer: Sherlock lives, and Martin Freeman has a mustache

Sherlock season 2Who knew that the BBC would manage to stir Steven Moffat fans into such a frenzy tonight? While everyone has known that the “Doctor Who” 50th Anniversary Special was coming tonight for the better part of the last six months, no one realized that the network was willing to give both the Christmas special teaser for the sci-fi sensation and a new look at “Sherlock” season 3 on the same night. This, dear readers, is what we call smart programming.

The first thing that is obvious about the new teaser for the Benedict Cumberbatch- Martin Freeman series is that Watson somehow has decided to try out a new, experimental phase in his life … one that involves a mustache. Also, Sherlock is alive, though we are sure that you already know that given what we saw last season and that this is the name of the show after all. When will Watson learn that Sherlock faked his own death? That is one of many questions that this series is going to have to answer pretty quickly into this new season, which will once again be of the “short and sweet” variety.

The only unfortunate thing about this trailer is that yet again, there is no confirmation on a premiere date. What gives, BBC? What we can at least say for now is that the series is airing in mid-January on PBS following “Downton Abbey,” and since America does not have the first-run rights to the show, it will premiere on British television before that. Hopefully, that release date is soon so that you can start planning your schedule. What we at least like about it for now is that in airing in this in the early 2014 window, “Sherlock” is not going to suffer the fate of having to air against a variety of other series on the major networks. It’ll have its own little window to show just how awesome it is…. and it is awesome.

If you want to read more “Sherlock” news, click here to see some of the hilarious stuff that Cumberbatch was up to at Comic-Con earlier this year. There has not been much content released on the new season yet, but that will be changing very soon.

Photo: BBC One

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