‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ preview: Phaedra Parks vs. Apollo Nida … over texting?

The latest -This “Real Housewives of Atlanta” preview is going to probably feel somewhat familiar, and also annoying. Do we really need to see another story featuring Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida? Apparently, we do. And, we also have to see a story that revolves around something that is extremely played out in society these days: Text messages. Ugh. Phaedra can be a very entertaining woman, but this sort of story is staler than bread that has spent a day out in the sun.

Just in case you are an inquiring mind and you really still want to know some more details about what is going to come up, we don’t want to let you down. Therefore, you may find some demented humor in listening to Phaedra make a few threats about Apollo in the preview below for the episode. Personally, we prefer it when people opt for not threatening to do anything with a steak knife.

If you want to try to distract yourself from this storyline, we have a couple of suggestions for you. First, we’ll have a new video for you tomorrow if you decide to come back then, and we promise that it will not involve anyone threatening anything of the sort. Or, you can also tease yourself on some upcoming stories courtesy of the official synopsis below:

“As Cynthia continues to recover from her fibroid surgery, she receives startling news that her daughter Noelle has started dating. Porsha finally begins to open up to the rest of the women.Kenya’s in need of a place to call home, so NeNe offers to assist in her house hunt. While out to dinner with Apollo, Phaedra decides to put the texting issue to bed once and for all.”

We’re more looking forward to Kenya and NeNe at this point, mostly because they are bringing what we like to think of as the perfect combination of humor and emotion to the show right now.

If you do want to read some more news related to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” we just suggest heading on over to the link here.

Photo: Bravo

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