Jon Stewart creates pizza peace after offending all of Chicago (video)

The Daily Show with Jon StewartDoes anyone else feel like some of the best moments in the history of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” are those that involve pizza? Years ago, one of our favorite moments in the show’s history was when Stewart took Donald Trump to task for the way in which he chose to eat pizza with a fork, and take Sarah Palin to a chain restaurant rather than one of New York City’s pie institutions.

But last week, Stewart went a step further in the food war by viciously (and hilariously) attacking classic Chicago deep-dish pizza, comparing to casserole and saying a series of words that we cannot really repeat here. Well, let’s just say that Chicago was none too pleased with this development. They are one of the biggest TV markets in the country, and they unleashed a flurry of complains at Stewart that their pizza was just as good as in the Big Apple.

While Jon did not change course necessarily on Wednesday night’s show in that he still believes that New York has that “magic” to it, he does in the video below offer up that sometimes, Chicago can be okay. He showed clips of the national reaction, and at the end he did taste one of the city’s famous pies and proclaimed it to be “pretty darn tasty.” Does this mean a truce to the great pizza war? Maybe, but everyone can seemingly agree that pizza on the West Coast holds nothing on what these guys have to offer.

Allow us to conclude this article by offering up our own voice on the ever-pressing New York vs. Chicago pizza debate. If we were on the run in Manhattan and had to catch a subway, the last thing that we would want was a generous amount of deep-dish in our stomach slowing us down. New York pizza is perfect for that on-the-go lifestyle, since you can fold it up and eat it with one hand and no silverware. However, if it’s -10 degrees outside and we need something warm and hearty to make us happy, we’d go with the deep dish any day. New York pizza just doesn’t have that same level of comfort to it. Both are delicious, but it’s a matter of preference and finding the right spot.

Photo: Comedy Central

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