Ron Burgundy performs Rob Ford’s ‘campaign song’ on ‘Conan’ (video)

The video below -There is no doubt that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has had himself quite an interesting past few weeks … but then again, would he think that it is an “amazing” past few weeks not that he’s managed to get the most famous pretend newscaster in all of the land to perform a song all about him?

Well, on “Conan” this week, the star of the “Anchorman” movie franchise in Ron Burgundy (played of course by Will Ferrell) decided during a promotional interview for the movie that he would perform what is the Rob Ford “campaign song” as a way to show is support for a man that he claims to love. Apparently, the official song for the Ford campaign is none other than the Loverboy hit “Working for the Weekend.” Who knew that Burgundy had so many other musical talents that do not include playing the jazz flute?

This performance is all sorts of amazing, but there is also another amusing hidden gem at the end of it, when Ron refers to Conan as “Ferrell” just as the music from the band is starting to play up. Will has managed to find a way to do the majority of his press for this upcoming movie not only in character, but in a way that really makes everyone laugh almost instantaneously.

Ron does have a history with Conan’s late-night talk show already, as this is the venue in which he first announced that a sequel to “Anchorman” would be getting made in the first place. We know already that the new movie is going to feature by and large everyone who was important to the project in the first place, whether you are talking about someone like Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, David Koechner, or even Vince Vaughn and Christina Applegate. Everyone is back and with a role to play, and we just have to hope that all of them are as hilarious as ever.

Overall, how fantastic do you find this performance to be as a whole? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below!

Photo: TBS

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