‘American Horror Story: Coven’ episode 8 preview: What happens to Kathy Bates?

Bates -The first thing that we should point out here is that while Thanksgiving may allow for some time to be spent with friends and family, it also takes something away this year: An episode of “American Horror Story: Coven” airing within the span of seven days. The show will be going on hiatus for a week to make sure that the ratings don’t fall part in the interim, (People are often traveling on the day before Thanksgiving, and FX is being even so cautious as to not air a new “Sons of Anarchy” next week.)

The reason why they are being careful, at least for the time being, is pretty darn understandable: The network knows that they have something pretty great on their hands. Madame LaLaurie’s tour of “atonement” is going to continue next week with some more horrible stuff being done to her, and if you have a weak stomach, you probably want to look away. (But if you have a weak stomach, why are you watching this show?)

Meanwhile, the promo below suggests that Zoe is going to start to create a grand plan to try to kill off Fiona and ensure that she cannot be capable of destroying the lives of anyone else. As for whether or not this is really going to work, that’s a little bit doubtful given how early we still are in the season … and Fiona has been around for as long as she has for a good reason. Madison is going to be involved in this, and if there is anyone out there with the motivation to kill her, it has to be the one person who was already killed off by her once / locked in Spalding’s creepy room of dolls

This is going to be yet another intense episode, and following it, we are not going to have much more until the show goes on its holiday hiatus until early next year.

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Photo: FX

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