NBC’s ‘Revolution’ season 2, episode 10 spoilers: What happens next with Aaron, the nanobots?

The latest -So where is the story on “Revolution” going to go from here? Basically, the robot revolution (or at least the nanobot revolution) showed itself to be pretty darn fearsome courtesy of what Aaron was able to command them to do. However, it was also revealed that while these little pieces of electrical current (or at least something like that) are capable of doing great things for him, they also have complicated understandings of emotional and how his mind works. How could he want them to kill and then heal? Like making a new friend, this is a relationship that he is going to need to cultivate moving forward.

Unfortunately, Aaron seems to have forced that friend to abandon him now, and he has to try to figure out how he is going to move forward with his girlfriend Cynthia dead, and with the one real power he had gone. He’s not an athletic, super-skilled guy in this new world, so what other value does he have?

Speaking to TVLine after this episode, co-showrunner Rockne S. O’Bannon did his best to try and explain how Aaron may be feeling now moving into the rest of the season, especially when it comes to trying to handle the flurry of problems that question marks that will be coming his way:

“It would do his bidding because it chose to help him and do what he wanted it to. But now, at least as of the climax of [Episode] 9, it’s not going to do that for him anymore, at least in the short term — which is a huge relief for Aaron, obviously, but also a very scary proposition. If it’s not relating to him in any way, what is it thinking? What is it doing?”

For us, the biggest thing to take away from Wednesday’s fall finale (save for maybe the various conversations between Miles and Rachel) is that the nanobots are almost going to be operating as their own bizarre little character on the show. They’ll have separate motivations, and while that may be great in some ways, it will also be scary.

Is there anything that you are personally hoping to see on “Revolution” next time? Share your thoughts below! Also, click here if you have an interest in reading a little more about what is coming up down the road for the show.

Photo: The CW

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