Barbara Walters tells Jimmy Kimmel that she has considered hiring man on ‘The View’ (video)

Jimmy Kimmel -Over the years, the basic premise of “The View” is that it focuses on a variety of different women with strong opinions on various issues, and how they all manage to sometimes find common ground (and also at times manage to endlessly fight). But has there ever been room for a man to take part on the show? Based on what Barbara Walters has just told Jimmy Kimmel in a brand-new interview on his late-night talk show, it is at least something that has been considered at one point.

During Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” appearance, Walters commented on the show by saying that it was considered, and then proceeded to joke to Kimmel that he did not exactly pass his “audition” for the job earlier this week. The entire interview was surprisingly funny, with Walters really reminded you more than ever as to why she has become one of the most influential interviewers in the world: Her charisma. She has confidence in everything that she says, which makes so many of her jokes land.

Walters also told Jimmy that two people that she would still love to interview, even with her upcoming May retirement in mind, include the Pope and Queen Elizabeth, though we personally believe that those two would be rather difficult gets (mostly because they would be for anyone). She also expressed an interest in talking again with Monica Lewinsky, who is someone who, according to Barbara, has not been able to move on quite as much as everyone else associated with the Bill Clinton cheating scandal from years back. The difficult thing about the whole ordeal for Lewinsky has simply been an inability to be hired for another job, which Walters laments as rather sad given the qualifications that the one-time White House intern does possess.

This is all in all a pretty fascinating interview to watch, much like Walters does her annual list every year of some of the most fascinating people in the world. Someday, she could add herself to that list were it not a total ego play to do so.

Photo: ABC

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