‘Mad Men’ season 7: Elisabeth Moss teases some early moments on set

Elisabeth Moss -What is coming up on “Mad Men” season 7? That is a question that is very difficult to get an answer to. There is no show on TV that is held under a tighter lock and key … seriously. This is the only show that you can have a guest-star that no one knows about until the season premiere, or that an entire travel sequence can be kept under wraps until someone actually sees an actor or two on location.

But what we can at least talk about now is some of the sense of nostalgia that this upcoming season is going to produce for people watching certain events for the last time. As a matter of fact, Elisabeth Moss teases to TVLine that this is a similar feeling to what she and the other actors are going through on set:

“It’s hard to get too sad about it when you’re just at the beginning. [But,] the whole thing has more significance than it usually does. It can’t not. You treat everything with a little more significance. We were doing this thing like, ‘It’s the last second day!’ and ‘It’s the last first read through!’ That will go on for a little bit, and then we’ll probably forget about it.”

Personally, the story for Moss’ Peggy Olsen is one that is going to be particularly interesting when you consider just the sort of mystery that surrounds her character now. She is a woman who started literally from the bottom of the Sterling Cooper food chain, and she’s getting closer and closer to the top. She’s basically Don Draper at the level he was at during the early seasons of the show, whereas he is completely out on an island with nothing. The only thing that he really has to go on now is his own ambition, and a hope to potentially turn his life around and be a better father to his children.

“Mad Men’s” final season will be divided into two halves, so you are unfortunately going to be waiting until the spring of 2015 to see the story come to a close. You can at least click here if you want to read about what actor wants to see his character together with Peggy in the end … but there is no word on if that will actually happen.

Photo: AMC

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