MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 4 will have 20-episode order rather than 10

The latest -Why, this news really should not be “awkward” at all.

After it was revealed earlier this year that “Awkward” season 4, which is going to be under a new showrunner for the first time in its run on MTV, was going to only have 10 episode in its season, we were starting to wonder whether or not the network was looking to bail somewhat on what was at one point a pretty popular series. The ratings have been down for season 3, and the only other reasoning that you could make for a shorter season 4 would be that maybe Ashley Rickards or some other members of the cast were starting to pursue some other opportunities.

Well, all of this now appears to more or less be just pure speculation with no substance. MTV has unveiled that the new season is going to actually contain 20 episodes, which is an order that is completely in line with what we’ve seen during season 3. This also proves that even though live viewers may be down for the comedy, it is making up the difference somewhere. We imagine that the show is a solid player online, and it probably has a solid DVR audience from teens who are not able to watch it during the school week thanks to having to go to bed at a pretty early time.

As for just how long we can really see “Awkward” lasting on the air, we feel that unless you are going to completely reboot the show in college, next year would have to be the last. High school is finite, and you can’t drag it out forever for some of the students. Pushing the show to four seasons seems well enough to push Jenna Hamilton on her way; what makes college a very different environment, if Jenna decides to go, is that she will not be stuck in such a rigid hierarchy. It will be easy to escape the same-old drama unless she goes out and actively searches for it (which is what she appears to be doing at the moment for whatever reason).

You can preview tonight’s new episode here, and we will have a full review online within the next 24 hours. Stay tuned!

Photo: MTV

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