‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: New details on Naya Rivera, Chris Colfer, Christmas special

Naya Rivera -The idea of “Glee” doing a Christmas special at this point in time just seems to be a little ridiculous. Why? Let’s just put it this way: While it may be the holiday season in real-time, the show is currently set in April. If you start to mess around with the timeline too much, you’re going to confuse people. We’re already confused enough by the show choosing to perform songs like “Wrecking Ball,” which the characters really would not be aware of if the show was actually being realistic.

This Christmas episode is airing on December 5, and the good news is that Dot-Marie Jones is going to return as Coache Beiste for the first time since the Cory Monteith tribute episode. The bad news? The whole idea for this episode breaks the fourth wall, and really just seems to feel pretty weird. Just take a look at the official synopsis below:

“Sue Sylvester introduces the episode as a Christmas special that FOX did not allow to air from last year. The members of New Directions audition for roles in McKinley’s living Nativity Scene. Meanwhile in New York, Rachel, Kurt and Santana work as Santa’s elves at a mall.”

One other important thing to remember here is that there really is no way that “Glee” can drop a big shocker at all over the course of the episode, thanks mostly to the sole fact that this is set in the past. There’s not that much that can be learned from it, and it also feels a little awkward that we are going back to a time in which Finn was actually alive.

In the end, we know why Fox is really doing this: “Glee” helps to justify its budget by selling so much of its music online, and Christmas music does well this time of year. It’s a nice little platform to make money, and even though it doesn’t make sense to do a Christmas episode at this time, they find a way to make it happen, anyway.

Are you as concerned as we are about this episode? Be sure to share what you think with a comment below! Also, click here if you want to check out some scoop all about Thursday night’s Billy Joel tribute episode.

Photo: Fox

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