‘Glee’ season 5 song spoilers: Hear Darren Criss’ version of Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man’

Blaine -There are few more iconic songs in the Billy Joel songbook than “Piano Man,” and we would argue that next to “New York State of Mind,” there is no more iconic song from the legendary performer. So why give us a reprise of the former on “Glee” Thursday, and not the latter? There are only a few reasons that we can really think of at the end of the day, beginning with the fact that “New York State of Mind” was covered just a little over a season ago, and when “Piano Man” was performed during season 1, it was an abridged, somewhat-loopy version performed by Matthew Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris.

This time around, you’re getting an opportunity to hear a full version of the song via Darren Criss, who absolutely kills it vocally here (and in a good way). We almost wish that the arrangement was a little more muted at the end of the day, but we can’t deny the intensity and passion that he brings to the song. Sometimes, you can tell whether or not an actor on the show is performing a song that he really likes, rather than just some sort of cheesy song (see “Blurred Lines” from last week) that is being used as a part of a theme.

As for the context of this performance, it’s hard to really say much other than it is just a Billy Joel song. But with that being said, we know already that one of the major goals of the tribute episode this year is to give you a little bit more insight into what is actually going on in the life of a certain Blaine Anderson away from Kurt. What is he going to do after he graduates from McKinley? Sure, we know that he wants to be with Kurt, but he can’t just sit out there like a bump on a log and really do nothing in the Big Apple. He’s an ambitious guy, and is of course going to have plenty of ambitions to go along with it.

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Photo: Fox

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