MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 3 spoilers: What’s next in Jenna’s ‘dark chapter’ (video)

The latest -Will things start to become a little bit cheerier on the new episode of “Awkward” airing on Tuesday night? Based on the first promo for the show released by MTV, it doesn’t quite seem like it. Instead, the producers may have found a way to make Jenna Hamilton downward spiral even further, and land in a position where the entire world seems ready to crash down on her.

Let’s just try to point out all of the ways in which her life is horrible right now. She hates her parents for punishing her, even though she is doing it to herself by staying out late, not giving them any indication as to where she is, and of course the drug use. The latter is also about to get worse on this upcoming episode, as we will be seeing Jenna make the not-so-smart decision to start ingesting in some pills given to her by Collin to transport her to another sort of dimension.

As a personal aside, we still have a weird feeling surrounding the complete villainization of Collin this season. Last spring, he was just some sort of confident hipster guy that wanted Jenna because she was smart and different. Not, he’s some sort of junkie that encourages bad behavior and all sorts of other consequences. There is not that much about his personality that is endearing. There was at least a tiny bit of gray area in the first half of this season, and now we are just being conditioned to hate his guts and hope that we never end up seeing him again. It makes sense, given that Matty is the popular one, but still.

Also, there is another troublesome sign in Jenna’s home life, as her parents basically tell her that if she decides to leave and take off, she is not going to be welcome back. We feel like this is somewhat of an exaggeration, but they do want to try and scare a little bit of sense into her. We don’t think that this will necessarily change things; we still think that there are one or two more steps down to go before we see Jenna finally hit rock bottom and realize that she needs a change.

You can read our full review of this past “Awkward” episode here, and we will be back soon with more news.

Photo: MTV

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