‘Doctor Who’ 50th anniversary video: David Tennant, Matt Smith talk changes and legacy

The latest -Even though “Doctor Who” may have seen a dozen or so actors in the role of The Doctor over the years, there is a constant that connects them all: The famous character at the middle of it. When you think about the multitude of people who have played The Doctor over the years, you will realize that ultimately, there has not really been that much that has changed about the man. He’s still a time traveler who goes into a police box that is much bigger on the inside, and uses it to solve all sorts of problems in time and space.

In the video below, you can see everyone from David Tennant to Matt Smith to current showrunner Steven Moffat explaining what they personally find so fascinating about this character leading to Saturday’s 50th anniversary special. Every one of them believes that The Doctor is crazy on a certain level, but his history is what makes him such a target of fascination in the end. There is a reason that so many love him, and it is because he is basically a tool of imagination.

What’s also fascinating through this video to see how history shaped the show, and how the show now is a teacher of history. For example, just look at the way in which the police box has become more of an iconic symbol for the series than it is an indicator of a way to phone the police. These boxes were pretty ubiquitous in the 1950s and 60s, but today, they are really only around sparingly and known specifically thanks to being affiliated with the BBC creation. If you show a photo of one, for example, to a Whovian in Australia or America, the first thing that they would scream out would likely be “Tardis” before anything else … and understandably so.

All of these videos, in the end, are more evidence than ever of just how seriously the BBC is taking this special, and the celebration of The Doctor’s legacy. You should be very, very excited to see what they end up bringing us on Saturday.

Just in case you do not feel like waiting to much longer, just click here if you want to see an extended sneak peek.

Photo: BBC

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