‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6: Why Katey Sagal will never sing as Gemma

The latest -Sorry to all of you eagerly awaiting that big “Sons of Anarchy” musical episode; it’s never going to happen. In what has to be the news that you would have long assumed years ago, you are never going to hear Gemma bust out a tune on the FX series … just as you are probably not going to ever hear Jax lead the way in a song-and-dance number. Just the idea of such a thing since a sort of chill of terror down our spin, almost like that “Name Game” bit on “American Horror Story: Asylum” did.

For those of you music buffs, Katey Sagal did this week an interview with TIME Magazine that is stuffed full of some interesting information about her career, including how long she has been involved in the industry, and how she has done backup for the likes of Bette Midler and Bob Dylan. For those of you who only know her for a few TV series, you may learn something. But we’re a TV site, and we want to focus more on that subject; therefore, what we want to share here is the interesting take that Sagal has on why her TV characters should never be called upon to sing:

“I think every show I’ve done, there comes a point where someone asks if I would sing, even though I’ve never played a character that would sing. I remember when I was on Married.. with Children, at one point, they wanted Peg Bundy to sing. For me, it just wouldn’t make sense that Peg would have a good voice. In my mind Gemma would never sing.”

What you will see Gemma do is fight, and fight pretty effectively and relentlessly. The next moment where she could choose to unleash some of her inner fury will come Tuesday night, as you have to wonder whether or not she will have to enforce anything further upon Tara after Maggie Siff’s character has realized that she has nowhere left to turn, and either has to suffer through life in Charming, move away to start a new life for herself, or do something even more damaging and tragic. There are not many other choices at this point unless Tara comes across some sort of guardian angel.

Also, Gemma could potential have some sort of story again with Clay, given that some new photos (which you can see here) tease that he could escape from prison if Jax and SAMCRO have their way. Given her feelings for Nero, and the situation between the MC and the Irish, that is going to be a subject of conversation for some time.

Photo: FX

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