‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10 spoilers: Sara Ramirez looks ahead to future of Callie, Arizona

What's next? -On Thursday night’s “Grey’s Anatomy” episode, we started to have an opportunity to see a glimmer of hope (finally) for Callie and Arizona thanks to a rather surprising source: Callie’s own dad. He revealed to his daughter that he and Callie’s mother had gone through a stint of infidelity themselves before getting together in the end, and that was almost a source of inspiration for her to consider giving her estranged wife another shot after what happened at the end of season 9 with Lauren. But, there is still a problem here in that Arizona has been sleeping with Leah now, and while she was not cheating in the sense that they were separated in that time, it’s still something else to work through.

Sara Ramirez did her part to address some of what needs to be done during a postmortem interview with The Hollywood Reporter, and suggested that there are some situations that are being shaped out and sorted already with the writers and the woman working hard behind the scenes in Shonda Rhimes.

“We see them shift into trying mode. What do they need to work out? Do they both need to go to therapy individually and as a couple? What do we need to do here? In order to make it interesting and to be in line with what Grey’s Anatomy is — a medical drama — [showrunner] Shonda Rhimes will keep creating interesting situations for both of them. Happy endings can only happen when the show is over. For now, we’re going to watch them try and in that trying, maybe we’ll see each character process how they really feel and maybe they’ll think about [getting back together] and maybe they won’t.”

So at least there is some hope for the two which is far and away better than how we saw them at the start of the season … which was basically surrounded by hopelessness. This is definitely a step in that right direction.

What do you think about “Grey’s Anatomy’s” big reveals this year, and are you looking forward to seeing what lies ahead for Callie and Arizona? Be sure to share below, and click here if you’re interested in checking out a video preview for the episode.

Photo: ABC

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