‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ video: A Kenya Moore scene that you can never un-see

The latest -There are some sights on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” that even for this show, you probably expected to never see. Kenya Moore “twerking on the piano” is probably one of them. This is apparently something that happens when she gets frustrated, and thanks to that, we’re somewhat terrified of what she does when she is actually happy.

The context of this craziness (which also includes singing and her twerking all over a few other things) is that she is upset at the way in which her landlord has treated her; while she is planning to move out anyway, she throws out some of those ever-popular “Housewives” cliches like calling her jealous and insinuating that she is crazy for ever thinking that she was going to be involved in her life. After some complaining, the twerk-fest begins, and it continues on such a level that Miley Cyrus would almost start to get a little bit anxious … almost.

Just in case you cannot stand the thought of this being the only story happening on Sunday night (and we understand that), don’t worry: We’ve also got a few other details from Bravo that prove that there is quite a bit of interesting other stuff also taking place here. Take a look at the synopsis below:

“Kandi is surprised to find her work confidant Don Juan sharing concerns about her relationship with Todd. NeNe struggles to adjust to her new role as housewife after The New Normal is cancelled. Cynthia faces going into surgery and Phaedra preps for a family photo shoot. Porsha starts unpacking at her mother’s, but is shocked by what she uncovers. Kenya decides to pack up and move out of her rental home.”

The story with NeNe is actually the one that we are the most interested in seeing, if for no other reason than that you almost always expect there to be some sort of emotion to come out when something you love like a cool job ends. But what does the face of cancellation really look like? We know that NeNe probably knew that the writing was on the wall for her show, but this was an opportunity for her to really be seen as something much more than a housewife.

What do you want to see on Sunday night’s episode? Share your thoughts below, and click here if you’re interested in reading some more news related to the show.

Photo: Bravo

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