‘The X Factor’ UK week 6 song spoilers: Sam Bailey, Rough Copy, Luke Friend, and British hits

The latest -On Saturday night’s “X Factor” UK performance show, the remaining eight contestants are going to have the opportunity to tackle some music that is undoubtedly very important to almost everyone in Britain. It’s a weekend of national pride, and most of these songs being performed are big enough that even those worldwide will have heard of them.

With all of that being said, there are still some pretty questionable song choices in here. We have some people opting to perform a song that is so iconic that is hard to recreate, and others that are going completely out of their style.

Rough Copy, “Viva La Vida” – This is not a song that we personally saw coming for the guys, since it is almost an operatic, anthemic “rock” song from Coldplay. With that being said, this is our favorite song from the band even above “The Scientist” and “Charlie Brown.” We just hope that it will manage to be something that really brings them another breakout moment on the show.

Luke Friend, “Your Song” – A perfect song for him in that it’s not extremely strenuous vocally, and he can therefore focus more on what he does best: Making people in the audience have some sort of emotional reaction and be entertained by his performance.

Sam Callahan, “Faith” – Sam’s got an even smaller vocal range than Luke, and George Michael is probably perfect for him because of that. It’s just something that he can use to move around the stage a lot, and he should be able to find the notes for without too much of a problem. Sam is a good performer, but the problem is that he hasn’t backed up any of that swagger to date.

Nicholas McDonald, “Someone Like You” – It takes a man some serious cajones to go out on TV and perform a song by Adele, since she is not only so talented, but her voice is completely different. Nicholas deserves credit for that, and we actually think that he can pull this off.

Tamera Foster, “Diamonds Are Forever” – Seriously? A James Bond song? Save for maybe “Skyfall,” there are not too many of these that work away from the original movie … even if we suppose that there is nothing in entertainment that is more innately British than James Bond.

Hannah Barrett, “Satisfaction” – This is what we like to think of as a superbly smart choice for Hannah to do. It’s upbeat, and allows her to show off that she can have as much fun as any of the boys. We really think so far that this is why they are succeeding. It is possible for women to do well on this show (four of them in Little Mix did it), but you have to come out and perform something other than drippy ballads.

Sam Bailey, “Something” – This is a choice that we are, to be frank, unsure about. Will Sam kill it? Probably, but out of all of the Fab Four’s songs that you choose to perform on the show, why go after one that is one of the lesser-known hits? There are about 24 songs from the Beatles that we could name off here that are more well-known than this one.

What do you think about all of these choices? Be sure to share your thoughts below! If you do want to read some more of our latest “X Factor” news and updates, click here. Our weekly contestant rankings will be posted by the middle of the day Saturday.

Photo: ITV

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