‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ episode 10 preview: Could Ciera Eastin vote out her mom?

Meet Ciera -Typically, we wait until Friday or the weekend to discuss a preview for the next new episode of “Survivor: Blood vs. Water.” But today, we’re in a little bit of a different sort of situation. Thanks to us not having an exit interview until next week (as no one was eliminated on Redemption Island), why not get ahead of the game and start the discussion on next week’s episode?

It is not often that a preview is spent discussing just one topic and one topic only, but here, it is really all about Ciera Eastin, and whether or not she would ever be willing to send her mother Laura Morett out of the game. This is going to be a difficult decision for her to make for so many reasons, and we’re sure that none of them are personal. Laura and Ciera seem to have a nice connection in real life, and obviously care about each other.

But, Ciera has come to show us the past few weeks that she is a pretty smart game-player, and has an understanding of the way things tend to work on the island. So if you are a pair, you are in hot water, and she and Laura are a pair. Not only that, but Laura is somewhat of a loose cannon who speaks her mind time and time again, and she is also a threat to win a lot of puzzle-based or endurance immunity challenges. None of this stacks up well for Ciera, given that she probably also knows that there is no way that Laura would win at the end of the game as someone who was already voted out once.

So we don’t blame Ciera for a second for thinking that her mom “has to go,” though this preview could just be clever editing to make you think that she is going to actually be the one behind making the move. With her mom gone, Ciera could make some more moves and be able to take ownership of them. Plus, it’s a lot easier to sneak in with a group like Tyson / Gervase or Hayden / Caleb as a third, and be the other option in a final three. It’s all smart thinking for Ciera, but she needs to realize here that after Laura, Monica Culpepper has to go next. She seems to be the other candidate to be that “third,” and while we still contend that Monica made a couple of really good moves pre-merge, she seems to be completely losing it now.

Di you think that Ciera would be smart to get rid of her mom? Share your thoughts below, and click here for our full review of last night’s episode.

Photo: CBS

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