‘The X Factor’ UK notes: Rihanna supports Tamera Foster, Sam Callahan talk

The latest news -There are a couple of “X Factor” UK stories coming out this week, and while some of them may just be examples of the press trying to stir up some drama (as is the usual for them), there could also be some other interesting develops in here worth checking out.

Tamera’s support – We begin here with the news that apparently, Tamera Foster has just been given a huge endorsement by Rihanna, which makes some sense given that the two look similar, and Tamera’s music actually sounds a little bit like Tamera. She is quoted in the Daily Star as saying the following about the young and at times troubled singer:

“I got sent a link of her after she sang one of my songs at Boot Camp and I have been watching her ever since.

“The shows need to produce a superstar every two or three seasons to give them credibility, and she is already there in week five or whatever it is …¬†Simon [Cowell] is a smart guy, he will know she can sell records all around the world and will sign her to his label.¬†Tamera looks great, she has an amazing voice, and she has just the right amount of attitude.”

We do agree that Tamera’s position on Simon’s label for now is almost a lock. She is still very young at just 16 years old, and has the potential to grow and become a pretty major star. For her, the bigger issue is just going to be seeing how much exposure on the show she can get before that happens. She and Hannah Barrett appear to be in the bottom two in terms of audience support, so she has her work cut out for her.

Could Sam Callahan present? – This is another interesting little story that has come out as of late courtesy of Louis Walsh, who didn’t really do a great job of defending his own artist on “The Xtra Factor” when it comes to his career prospects. We don’t really even think that presenting / hosting (if you’re an American) is the right lane for him, and he seems to be a little bit more keen as an actor or a model if he gets the proper training. He wouldn’t be a bad singer if he was a part of a group or given the right song, but the problem with this competition is that it exposes you … a ton.

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