‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6, episode 10 reaction: Maggie Siff on that devastating scene

The latest -Tara, no question, had herself a terrible episode on “Sons of Anarchy” season 6 last night, as she started to realize that there was almost no escape the prison that she and Gemma had created for her. It’s understandable that she would want the kids out of Charming and this life, but the way that she went about it was flawed from the start. Framing Gemma brought Jax closer to his mother, and thanks to a deal that he made with Patterson, the system can’t even help her.

So with that final revelation that Tara is completely on her own, where does that leave her? That is a question that Maggie Siff, whose character is still unaware of every finer detail when it comes to Jax’s deal, tried to answer in a post-mortem to TVLine:

“It’s the only way forward. The episode sets up very nicely that Tara is out of friends, out of allies, out of options; she’s scared and desperate and she’s still convinced that she’s going to jail and convinced that she’s going away and the people left inside of this disaster zone are her children. There’s one small light at the end of that tunnel and it’s the thing she never thought she would do, but the thing she feels she has to do. If she has regret for what she did, it’s that there’s no coming back from it. If you cross the line within the code of that world, in her mind there’s no hope for forgiveness, there’s no hope for redemption, there’s no going back. So, she’s already crossed over and she just can’t see any way out.”

There are possibilities for Tara’s story to become even darker from here, especially since it’s hard to really see them become lighter and more cheerful from here on out. How does she get out of this situation? The only options seem to be either abandoning her children and moving elsewhere, continuing what is probably an unsuccessful fight to get them back, or taking her own life and not putting herself through the pain anymore. There’s no winning option here.

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Photo: FX

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