‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10 spoilers: Sara Ramirez gives one teaser on ‘Callie episode’

What's next? -While we realize that Thursday night’s “Grey’s Anatomy” season 10 episode really has another name in “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word,” we have another simple name for it right now in “The Callie Episode.”

Based on the promo that ABC released last week, we know that much of this is going to put the character through the wringer and also the legal process as she fights hard to defend herself. That is going to be enough in itself, but then you also have to consider the situation past and present when it comes to Arizona. Her struggle with her wife in the present is very clear, as they go back and forth over custody and try to figure out how they want to move forward following the cheating.

But about the past? Sara Ramirez tells TVLine that this episode is going to also head back in time to when Callie and Arizona were having to deal with the amputation drama, but before the cheating happened. This was not a bed of roses for the couple, either, as the presentment that Callie felt over losing a part of her leg may have been one of the reasons why there was cheating in the first place. Callie had promised her not to do it, and it still happened.

If you were to ask us in one simple word what we would hope for when it comes to this episode, we’ll keep it simple: Clarity. We’re hoping for an understanding into where Callie is now, where she was then, and also where she could be heading in the future. She is going to have a tough road ahead for her as she tries to discover her inner happiness, but she is the sort that is determined enough to find it again.

Are you excited for this “Grey’s Anatomy” episode almost more so than any other this season? (If so, we understand.) Share some of your thoughts below, and if you want to read some more scoop when it comes to the show, click here to see some of what the show’s plans may be for Thanksgiving.

Photo: ABC

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