‘The X Factor’ UK: Cher Lloyd claims she, Simon Cowell haven’t spoken in over a year

Take a look -Well, how is this for some more friction between Simon Cowell and some of the people that he helped find their way to stardom on “The X Factor” over the years? We already know that there has been some problems between him and some other artists that he has signed over the years, but now one of the most outspoken people of all is making it clear just how much she and the mogul did not really get along during their days together. As a matter of fact, it was rough enough that she decided to make more of her stamp in America over anything that she is doing in her native Britain.

Speaking with Larry King on his “Larry King Now” Ora TV show, Cher Lloyd explained that the reason she and Simon stopped really communicating, and why she in part chose to get a new American label for herself, was because she found her relationship with him to be far too controlling and not at all what she wanted for her own music:

“I don’t really speak to him anymore. I left his label a year and a half ago and I got my record deal here [in the US].

“I think he found me – I wouldn’t say disobedient – but a little bit [difficult]. I have a specific thing I am reaching for, so I have my own idea of how I’m going to get it … We all have a specific thing in life that we want to get to and I don’t deal very well with people having [creative control].”

It’s still a little too early to tell as to whether or not this was the right move for Cher to make in her career. Her latest single “I Wish” has not exactly been much of a smash in America, and it will be next year before she tries to go for much of a splash with it back in her home country. She did at least get a popular collaborator on the song with her in T.I., and she has also toured this year with an “X Factor” contestant on the Epic label (one with some more ties with Simon) in Fifth Harmony.

Tell us: Do you think that Simon is a teensy bit too controlling, or a complete and total monster when it comes to how albums are composed? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! Meanwhile, click here if you want to read some more fallout to the latest “X Factor” UK elimination.

Photo: Cher Lloyd / Epic

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