‘Downton Abbey’ season 4 Christmas special spoilers: See Paul Giamatti, but where’s Anna?

The latest -While “Downton Abbey” and ITV may e holding on still to some of the goods when it comes to the upcoming season 4 Christmas special airing of course on December 25th, they are not shying away just yet when it comes to actually sharing some looks from characters who are deeply involved in the lengthy spectacular.

The first thing that you are going to notice about this photo is of course the arrival of Paul Giamatti, who is playing the role of Harold, brother to Cora and son to Martha (Shirley MacLaine, who is also pictured). His and Martha’s arrival was something that was teased at the end of season 4, when it was revealed that she was interested in going back to England for at least one more trip before she dies. This is clearly going to be that said trip, and based on what she said about it happening in the next summer, we should probably expect a significant passing of time between the end of season 4 and the start of the special.

Now, we have to talk about omissions. The two biggest names not included here are Anna and Bates, which suggests that they may be gone in some way following what happened to Mr. Green. Or, their absence in the photo may just be a way of teasing into thinking that something terrible happened to Bates as a results of the valet’s surprising death. You also do not see either Charles Blake or Anthony Gillingham, and the suggestion there is simply that either Mary has not chosen to be with either of them still, or this is a surprise that the show is waiting to unveil until the holiday itself arrives.

The one final omission here? Lady Edith’s baby bump, which proves that it really has been a long time since we last saw some of these characters. Has she already been to Switzerland and back? She’s at least chosen to do something with the child, since she appears to be rather happy in the picture.

“Downton Abbey” has already been renewed for a season 5, and there is therefore no reason to worry at all about this being the final special that we are ever going to see.

Photo: ITV

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