‘The Blacklist’ episode 9 preview: Is Raymond Reddington afraid of Anslo Garrick?

The Blacklist logo any seasonOver the past several weeks, you may have read some teasers here and there for this in the press: An episode of “The Blacklist” featuring someone so dangerous, even Raymond Reddington was afraid of confronting him.

So who is this mystery man? Luckily, the show is not going to force you into waiting for too much longer in order to find out? Anslo Garrick appears to be the next target, and is also the most terrifying person that the team has encountered thus far. He is determined to hunt Red down, and clearly has something on him to make him in such a constant sense of fear that he will take what he has worked for away from him.

In the promo below, NBC promises that this is going to be the sort of episode for the show that you absolutely cannot miss, since it will establish so much more of the show’s mythology and also establish just who are the major threats and the ones to be feared in this world. So when you hear about all of this and see a dramatic teaser, you really hope that this is going to be followed with some sort of equally-awesome text synopsis discussing what is going to happen next. Instead, you get something like this:

“Anslo Garrick (Ritchie Coster), the newest member on the blacklist, tries to capture Red; Liz is caught in an elevator.”

Is this really the best that they could do? The idea of Liz having something happen to her that previously happened to us at a Comfort Inn when we were 14 is hardly that surprising or dramatic. Now if this is the elevator of doom with snakes slowly getting poured into it, then we’re talking about something shocking here!

All we hope is that this episode contains all of the excitement and heartbreaking intensity of what we saw tonight, but without the logical leaps that it required us to take when it comes to Red killing Liz’s adopted father.

Photo: NBC

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