‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 2, episode 6 review: Cat’s father, and the female beast is here!

We have to admit that after seeing the reveal at the end of Monday night’s “Beauty and the Beast” episode, it was difficult to even really concentrate on some of what came earlier in regards to Cat and her father. We cannot imagine just how difficult of an ordeal that was for her to go through first and foremost. She goes through all of the turmoil of finding out who her biological dad is, confronts him, and then gets what amounts to basically a BS sort of excuse that suggests to us that had she done nothing, he would have never revealed himself at all.

This is a show that is all about relationships, and while the Vincent / Cat dynamic is going to be the core of the show at the end of the day, this is one that we will continue to be intrigued to watch as some time progresses. While we didn’t love everything that happened there (it was a tad predictable), there were still some interesting moments.

What was also a little decisive tonight was the arrival of Tori, a woman who felt at first was someone that Vincent needed to manipulate and protect thanks to her father’s beast-like ways. Following what happened to Gabe, we are starting to figure out how to neutralize a beast, but what happens when someone starts to realize that they inherited the “gene” a little later than everyone else? That cliffhanger with Tori at the end of the episode definitely signals that she is going to have quite a role in the weeks ahead, and poses a very different sort of threat to the Vincent – Cat relationship. This is a woman who can have a similar sort of bond with Vincent, but also have more to relate to her with when it comes to something as simple as her physiology.

So this was, in the end, one of the better episodes of the season. While our jaw didn’t really hit the floor (pre-show spoilers are to blame for that), we were at least surprised. Grade: B.

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