‘Two and a Half Men’ season 11, episode 7 promo: First look at (shirtless) Jeff Probst

The latest -Just in case you ever had some sort of interest in seeing Jeff Probst look more like one of those beefy guys on “Survivor” (as in not wearing a shirt), you’re probably going to like Thursday night’s new episode of “Two and a Half Men.” While we don’t know if he is going to snuffing anyone’s torch, he will at least be stirring up what is already going to be one of the strangest double-dates out there.

One of the benefits to Walden and Alan actually both being single at the same time is that they can try to romance women at the same time, which is mostly surprising to us just in that anyone is actually interested in Alan in the first place given that he has no money, no job, no interest in getting a job, and an obsession with himself like he is some sort of living Lothario. Nonetheless, he manages to pick the ladies up still.

What also makes this latest hookup that he has even more awkward is that somewhere along the way he manages to also make a certain other woman in his life jealous in Lyndsey. As for what sort of right she has to be upset given that she is sleeping with someone else, that’s a pretty darn good question. Though regardless, she is still upset, and there is not really anything that Alan can do about it other than try to separate one of his women from the other.

This episode is entitled “Some Kind of Lesbian Zombie,” and thanks to Probst’s preference all we can really think about which one of his comments from “Survivor” (a la “back up for grabs) could be twisted into some sort of inappropriate comment on this show.

Just in case shirtless Jeff Probst is the biggest surprise you have seen related to “Two and a Half Men” in years, be ready to have your socks blown completely off. As we reported yesterday, Sheen is interested in trying to make amends with his former boss Chuck Lorre, though for some currently-unknown reason.

Photo: CBS

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