‘Glee’ season 5: Naya Rivera and the latest album progress report

Naya Rivera -You already know that Naya Rivera has her hands rather full at the moment thanks to “Glee,” where she plays the part of Santana Lopez. After all, this is a new show that is much more demanding than most. Not only do you have to shoot scenes in individual episodes, but there is also the challenge of going into the studio to do work and record some new numbers on the show. This happens almost constantly, and when you add press work to that, it gets even more complicated.

This may be one of the reasons why it has taken a while for Naya to slowly start to develop some of her own original music with her label in Columbia. There was a song released this summer in “Sorry,” and there will be some more coming up in the future. Naya recently spoke out about this and more to Rolling Stone, and explained why she finally had to make it clear that this sort of urban pop with R&B leanings is where she wanted to go with her music from here on out:

“It took a long time to figure out where I wanted to go musically … [When it comes to ‘Sorry’ I had to say that] this is what I’m doing. Get on or get off. I think this is a summer song, and I want it on the radio by the end of the summer.”

“Sorry” was not much of a smash hit this summer after it launched, and the one question now is whether or not there will be some more great music on the way that gets on the radio. It’s almost a catch-22 when it comes to Naya; she needs to work on “Glee” in order to keep a high profile, but at the same time that ends up pushing back the ratings. Plus, the numbers for “Glee” have been down as of late.

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Photo: Fox

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