‘Mad Men’ season 7: Kevin Rahm wants to work still with Elisabeth Moss

Could Ted be a star? -As any diehard “Mad Men” fan surely knows by this point it is pretty darn hard to speculate about season 7 for the show, mostly because the show’s own writers have for the time being said more or less zilch about just what you can expect to see. They are unsurprisingly keeping a tight lid on things, and that even includes such details to whether or not some characters like Ted even appear. The last we saw him, he was in California … which would be the perfect way for his story to end since he wanted to get away from Peggy, and try to make a relationship work with his wife.

While Ted may want this, the man playing his part in Kevin Rahm has made it very clear that he loves getting the opportunity to work on some meaty stories potentially involving himself and Elisabeth Moss; as a matter of fact, he even encouraged them during a chat recently with “Access Hollywood“:

“I think people want them to get together,” the actor said. ‘I get that impression that people are rooting for them because I think he would treat her well, once they were together, even though it didn’t seem that way at the end of last year. The thing I love about it the most was getting to work with Lizzie so much. That’s first and foremost. 

“It was funny, at the end of last season when Ted decides he’s gonna go to California and Don lets him go, and all that stuff, part of me was like, ‘But I wanna keep working with Lizzie!'”

There are only 14 episodes left, and to us, it is pretty clear that if there is any hope at all of Ted seeing Peggy again, he’s probably either going to have to go back to New York, or she will have to move out to Los Angeles. But the entire SC&P team is in somewhat of a state of flux right now, mostly because Don Draper is not employed with the company in anything other than an official status right now. They put him on leave at the end of season 6, which means that we may not the worlds colliding that much at all early on. The one thing that we can say for sure is that Don will at least be clean-shaved regardless of whether or not he goes back to work with the firm, at least based on photos that are floating around online.

One interesting note on his beard: He has to shave it more than once a day in order to keep Don looking professional. You can read more about that over at the link here, which helps to explain why he constantly makes the move to grow a full beard every time a hiatus rolls around.

Photo: AMC

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