‘Doctor Who’ 50th anniversary special trailer: John Hurt, Matt Smith, David Tennant, and chaos

The latest -BBC One has just unveiled the latest trailer for the upcoming “Doctor Who” 50th anniversary special, and it is with that in mind that we hand out some very simple advice: Brace yourselves. This is going to be an insane day on November 23. While the special will be over more or less 90 minutes, you still have to find a way to go about the rest of your day when it is over.

The biggest thing that the trailer below emphasizes is the relationship that forms between one Doctor and the next, whether we are talking about the version of the character from Matt Smith, David Tennant, or the mysterious entity portrayed by John Hurt, who abdicated the name and the responsibilities that come with it.

But is this “Doctor” a villain, or on the same side as the others? Given that the trailer suggested that the Doctor’s greatest threat that he faces in this special is himself, that could be seen very much as an explanation as for why Daleks are the only other primary villain that we could see Smith’s character being afraid of. You also have to remember, despite however hard it may be, that there is a reason that the Doctor never wanted anyone to know that this version of himself existed, and the easiest explanation for that is simply that he knew this part of him would be trouble of the worst kind.

This special, in case you have not heard yet for whatever reason, will be broadcast throughout the entire world at the same time in a move to defend against spoilers and piracy. This could create some inconveniences for those who live in countries like Australia or other parts of the Pacific region, but have no fear; we’re sure that your local broadcaster is going to want to broadcast it again at some other point for the sake of ratings.

What do you think about this trailer, and does it make you immensely more excited about everything else that is coming up with the show? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! Meanwhile, take a gander at the link here if you have a hankering for some more news and scoop strictly related to the Doctor.

Photo: BBC One

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