Ratings: NBC’s ‘Dracula’ and ‘Grimm’ continue to fall; ‘Shark Tank’ wins again

The latest -NBC had a really good idea in theory to create the sort of supernatural-themed lineup on Fridays with both “Grimm” and “Dracula” being present and accounted for. So why isn’t it working out? We see this as being a problem of a few simple things, beginning of course with the fact that you strangely have “Dateline” as a lead-in to the two shows, and it never really brings much of a ratings bump and seems to mostly exist just so that NBC can claim to have their own version of “60 Minutes” (which, right now, seems to not really be a very good thing).

Also, there is the little issue in that some of the shows that the network does have right now are simply not as good as they could have been. Two weeks ago, “Dracula” started off the season strong with a 1.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic. This was enough to prove that vampires do have a place on the primetime schedule for the network, and that it was smart to invest in this story. But the show is boring, and the evidence comes in that it has already lost nearly half of its demo audience.

“Dracula” will stay on the air even with a 1.0 since the order for the show was so short, but it’s not going to be back for another season. This “limited series” really is going to have an end to it. “Grimm” with a 1.3 is slightly better, but the DVR figures here better be fantastic as always for this show to still justify a long life on TV. (It’s got at least one more season for syndication, if nothing else.)

The big winner in primetime yet again is “Shark Tank,” which is the only show at this point seemingly capable of drawing a 2.0 rating night in and night out. It almost makes you wonder how big the show could be if they could find something else worthy to put on the night with it other than low-rated comedies that really don’t feel like they are going anywhere. (“The Neighbors” tried to desperately tie in to “Shark Tank” this week, but it still only got a 1.1.)

Photo: NBC

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