‘Shark Tank’ review: PetPaint, Bellybuds, Schulzies Bread Pudding, Paparazzi Proposals

The latest -Shark Tank” had about everything tonight when you think about the possibilities for an episode of television. At one point, we are talking about having a member of the “paparazzi” snapping pictures of your proposal; then, you are talking about dyeing your dog. Also, there was bread pudding in the event that you are hungry.

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Schulzies Bread Pudding – We love food, but we really cannot sit here and say that bread pudding is something that we love or not. We just haven’t ever had it, and it is hard to cheer for something that we’re just not that familiar with.

The situation that the business was in here was that Schulzies apparently has delicious bread pudding, and a proof of success at least in Venice Beach. But it’s too reliant on just a single person, and there are some parts of the presentation that came across as a little too over the top. What’s this talk about empires? Does she suddenly feel like she is Walter White? That’s not a word that we personally want to be hearing during a “Shark Tank” presentation when you have two locations. No offers.

Paparazzi Proposals – For the right person, this could be a pretty interesting product, but we just don’t think that this is really going to be something that appeals to a ton of people. It’s basically a fancy wedding photographer with a twist in that the woman being proposed to won’t see it coming. (There are also plenty of women who would be plenty annoyed about having their picture snapped without their knowledge.)

What really stood out to us about this individual pitch was mostly Mark Cuban repeatedly going at Lori Greiner for no apparent reason, since he was not even in on the deal. We also had a case of a guy botching a great evaluation with Robert Herjavec on it just because he apparently wasn’t good enough on his own, and landed with something with Kevin O’Leary and Lori that was interesting, but probably worth it in the end. We imagine there being enough of a market here to make this work. Kevin and Lori receive 30% of the company for $50,000, and also loan him $200,000 as he needs it. (This was the product of our preview this weekend, which you can see here.)

Bellybuds – Can music help soothe a child? According to studies, sure, but apparently there was nothing really proprietary about this product outside of a clever name, and the fact that these people have already made a few poor business decisions isn’t a great sign that they are going to push forward from here and make a series of great ones. No deal.

PetPaint – We want to say that spray-painting your dog is ridiculous, but let’s face it: People do it, and pets are a huge industry. There are a number of people out there who we know would buy something like this, just for the sake of turning their dog red for Christmas or whatever. The trouble here is not the product itself, but the way in which he’s marketed it so far. No a focus on the internet? For this? Terrible move.

We also still fail to understand the business owner’s inability to take a great deal when it is staring them in the face. Barbara Corcoran basically wanted to give him $200,000 to give her the reigns of the company and let her do the work. Why wouldn’t you want this? She’s going to get your business significantly more profitable, and you can make a ton more money without spending as much time working on it. Walked away from Barbara’s offer.

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