‘Shark Tank’ review: 180 Cup, Tree T-Pee, Better Life cleaning products, Kymera Body Board

November 1, 2013 6 comments
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The latest -Ready for a different sort of “Shark Tank“? Tonight, we had a visit from John Paul DeJoria as a replacement for Robert Herjavec, and he is a guy known for two completely random products: Paul Mitchell hair care products, and Patron. Notice how they only show the hair-care product on the show, which we find kind of ironic given that Patron could be perfect for one of the products below (though you would probably agree that a drink like that needs something a little bit classier).

As with all of our “Shark Tank” reviews, we’re offering up our take on each one of these creations as a consumer, and not an investor since we don’t have a private jet waiting for us in the backyard. If you want to be taken to the individual product page, then just be sure to click on any of the names below.

Better Life – It’s so hard to judge a cleaning product on TV. Who knows if it works as well as it appears to? But on the surface, we love the idea of an eco-friendly cleaner that you don’t have to worry about when it comes to your kids inhaling toxic fumes from or poisoning themselves by squirting it in their mouths. (You can see a clip from this presentation here.)

There was a pretty rigorous battle here that was very entertaining, as the two guys behind it clearly wanted to get both Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner (perfect for this thanks to her QVC connection), but they couldn’t get both. They at least did leave with a better offer than what they were originally given. Lori Greiner invests $400,000 for 17% of the business, with the evaluation going to 7% after her money is paid back.

180 Cup – This was actually a pretty brilliant idea by our estimation, at least in that it’s a cup that you can use for a variety of different drink-related functions. Is it probably promoting frat guys getting hammered easier? Yeah, but that’s not his problem. It’s a simple twist on the classic red cup with a “shot glass” on the other side, and he also justified a couple of other uses for it.

Clearly, few sharks want to be that associated with this just given what it is. But, Daymond John was interested, and the man behind the business nearly botched it. By not taking the initial offer, he lost 5% of his business. But this is still a good deal for all parties involved. Daymond John invests $300,000 for 25% of the business.

Kymera Body Board – What a disaster of a presentation this was. Away from the complicated numbers and the fact that he has had a full ten years to make this work, what we didn’t like was just that there was nothing that really would make us want to use this. We don’t want to be this close to the water at a high speed; plus with such a short life of only 30 minutes to an hour, it hardly justifies bringing it along with you on a lengthy trip. Maybe it is fun to use, but we’d never put money into it and the sharks didn’t either. No deal.

Tree T-Pee – This story actually moved us, mostly because this guy seemed like such a nice, humble man who really just wants to help farmers, and have a product that also provides a service for the environment. We genuinely think that. This is not a businessman by any means; he doesn’t want to screw over the farmers, and he just wanted to do right by them and make an honest living.  So to get a deal with John Paul straight out of the gate, and for everything that he asked for, is incredible. He didn’t even wait to negotiate. He took it, and was grateful for it. What a nice little story this was to close the episode.

We have to say that overall, this episode really made us smile, and thanks to that and the supreme entertainment overall, this had to be one of the best “Shark Tanks” of the season. Grade: A-.

What product did you enjoy the most on “Shark Tank” tonight? Share below, and click here if you want to see some more highlights from this season.

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