‘Two and a Half Men’ season 11, episode 6 review: The Lynda Carter (half) hour

Take a look -Thursday night’s “Two and a Half Men” season 11 episode was truly a bizarre one, and it seems to be at least in some ways inspired by the love that the show has for Lynda Carter. It is really not often that you see an entire episode fixate around a guest star … let alone one that you have not thought about for decades.

For Carter, this was probably the sort of thing that she has dreamed of for years: A chance to go on a comedy, do something silly and surprising, and make fun of her old image as Wonder Woman. The story was basic: Alan Harper had a crush on her, she was friends with Walden, and she came over to have a night of fun with them. Unfortunately for Alan, Lynda felt about him the same way that almost all of America feels about Alan, and that meant that he did not get even close to being together with her. Tough luck, Alan.

But then, there were the kickers.

1. Lynda Carter was interested in Walden, and when Alan caught her kissing him and tried to use a lasso on him … seriously.

2. Both Lynda and Walden’s mother ended up spending the night with Jenny, and then were spotted leaving her room the next morning, with each one of them planting a kiss on her. Scandalous, no?

We would say that the latter was completely ridiculous and the sort of thing that most sophomoric comedies do to women just so that they can have girl / girl kiss scenes … but this is a little bit of a different case since this is probably something Lynda really wanted to do since she felt it would get attention and laughs. It was her taking advantage of a situation more than the show taking advantage of her.

This show was completely silly, but at the same time, kind of a bizarre love letter to “Wonder Woman” fans. Since “Two and a Half Men” is so rarely inspired by anything except farts and poor-people jokes, we suppose that credit is due for making them feel inspired about something. Grade: B.

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Photo: CBS

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