‘The Blacklist’ episode 8 video: Will Liz Keen’s real father please stand up?

The Blacklist logo any seasonFor the first seven episodes of “The Blacklist,” we have continually pushed the same theory as the rest of America that Raymond Reddington is probably Elizabeth Keen’s real father. If this ends up being true, it may be the angriest that we will be at a show for a “game-changing move” since we learned back during “Dexter” season 6 that Gellar was really dead the whole time. If you are going to create some sort of shocking revelation, have it be something that will actually be … well, shocking.  This would just be predictable, since we’re sure the folks at the bureau would have been smart enough to suspect this already and tried to run Liz and Red’s DNA to see if that is his motivation.

The promo for Monday night’s episode does, sadly, make things look like we are heading in the “Red, YOU are the father!” direction. Red seems insistent on not letting a man, who Liz calls “dad,” “tell her the truth” about something. Him being the real dad is one of the only things that we could think of that makes sense for this scene.

Could it be a slightly smaller surprise? Sure. We’d be fine with Red being her uncle or something, or even being someone unrelated by blood but still with a major connection to her parents or her past. We’re sure that there is a reason why he picked her to be his little test subject, and it’s not just because she doesn’t have any experience under her belt. He has something with her that he does not want revealed to the world yet (even though it will be in time).

What the writers have done a good job at so far is at least giving us something new to go on weekly, and this is the November sweeps. If you are not going to divulge some more information now, just when are you going to do so?

Photo: NBC

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