‘Face Off’ season 5 finale review: Laura, Tate, and Roy battle; who won?

The latest -Syfy clearly has a great thing going with “Face Off,” so much so that they have already renewed the show for another season premiering in January (which is not that far away at all). When you look at the show itself, we understand why it was renewed. While it is on one level yet another “Top Chef” or “America’s Next Top Model” sort of reality show (we cite these two since they really started the trend here), it at least brings in a different sort of creativity that cultivates the imagination. Oh, and it also happens to be pretty geeky.

For the season 5 finale the task for the three finalists in Laura, Tate, and Roy was basic enough in that they had to create looks (evil sorcerer included) for a “Swan Lake” production. We do like that the final challenge is not some sort of insane beast of a task that is that different from what they have been doing all season, just as we also appreciate it not being completely arbitrary or judged based on something that does not really matter.

But did Laura deserve to win? That will be the debate many have over the next few days, without a doubt, but this is one of those finales where we were not really that upset with the results no matter what. She also consistently fared well in the competition, and she and Tate in particular were only each in danger of going home once throughout the entire season. That’s a sign of consistency, which is probably the most important thing when you are going out and trying to use this sort of talent in the real world. Employers need to know that you can create a creature or some other supernatural life-form with just the tools given to you.

In the end, “Face Off” is a show worth checking out if you are interested in the world of sci-fi character creation in particular, since it gives you a chance to see something that is brilliantly creative a la “Ink Master,” but with the benefit for the client in that they don’t have to wear it around forever. Grade: B.

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