‘NCIS’ season 11, episode 8 preview: ‘Alibi,’ and a mysterious episode

The latest -Does “NCIS” have a hit on their hands in next week’s “Alibi”? We certainly hope so, since the show is not really doing much in the way of revealing scoop on it now. The synopsis below is short, and the promo (also below) does not do very much for us either, save for just telling you a little bit about how they get mixed up in a case that is all about a controversial client, and trying to trust someone who does not always have the most trustworthy of professions: Lawyer. But what makes this a little more complicated is that this is also a lawyer who also has a history in law enforcement, which does by most estimations make this a little more interesting.

Let’s get now to talking about that pretty bland and uneventful synopsis, shall we? Take a look at it below:

“The NCIS team is forced to re-examine a hit-and-run murder case when a former FBI agent turned lawyer confides in Gibbs that her client’s confidential alibi is solid.”

For those wanting to know another interesting detail here, this is the last episode before the arrival of Bishop (Emily Wickersham), an analyst who is going to be bringing something a little bit different to the table. Given that Emily has already been promoted to series regular, we can basically guarantee that you are going to be seeing quite a bit of her.

As for what we do know you are going to see in this episode, just be prepared for a few interesting moments from Tony, who is going to continue his arc of self-reflection. Without Ziva in his life, he’s a guy who is clearly lost and in need of direction. Does he love his job? It seems to be so, and he’s good at it, but you need something more sometimes to get through daily life, and this is what he is going to be looking to figure out.

What do you want to see on “NCIS” the rest of the season? Be sure to share below, and click here if you want to read our full review of tonight’s episode “Better Angels.”

Photo: CBS

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