‘Downton Abbey’ season 4 finale spoilers: See a Michelle Dockery – Lily James scene

The latest -Do you wonder why so many people hate Lady Rose on “Downton Abbey”? You get a pretty good sense of it in the preview video below, where she seems for whatever reason intent on being awful and overly-dramatic just for the sake of doing so.

Let’s start things off here with a little bit of context. While Rose for the most part has kept it under wraps just what she has been up to with Jack Ross, a certain someone in Lady Mary has figured it out courtesy of watching them kiss at Robert’s birthday party. From there, she has made some trips to London, and Mary can probably put the pieces together. So in the sneak peek below, she tries to confront her on it, giving what are her obvious concerns. She is not speaking from a place of hate or racism, but for whatever reason, Rose still doesn’t want to hear it.

Instead, Lily James’ character acts like a six-year old who has been told that they can’t have candy, proclaiming that she loves Jack, that they are going to get married, and that she can’t wait to see the look of disdain on Cora’s face when she finds out. Why do you have to act like the whole world is against you? While racism was clearly a problem in the 1920s, and we have seen some of these characters exhibit questionable behavior surrounding Jack, it has all been pretty tame in comparison to other parts of the world. Heck, most of it so far has been tame.

But Rose will be Rose at the end of the day, and that includes a constant stream of whining, complaining, and feeling like the world is always against her. We wish that Jack was there for this scene as well, mostly because he seems to have some sort of a calming effect on her.

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Photo: ITV, video via SpoilerTV

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