‘The Walking Dead’ season 4: Melissa McBride on Carol’s big change; plus, ratings news

Carol the walking deadWhile there may not have been a death Sunday night on “The Walking Dead” season 4, what we had was just about as significant: Rick Grimes actually forcing out someone who was not welcome at the prison anymore. What made this move all the more surprising was that this someone was Carol, who was without question one of the people who was actually a regular contributor at the prison. Without her, you are losing someone who is not only resourceful, but smart and a great teacher. Obviously, Rick felt like her indiscretions as a killer were so great that they could not be ignored.

Were you happy with this move by Rick? That is a question for you in the comment below, and Melissa McBride was asked in a post-show interview with The Hollywood Reporter whether or not she felt like Andrew Lincoln’s character made the right move. Her response may actually surprise you:

“No. It’s interesting Rick wants to go on this run and bring her along for it. They’re testing one another it seems. She knows what happened to Shane (Jon Bernthal) and questions what’s going on there. Rick is feeling the same way and wondering what’s going on with her. Obviously when she took the risk, Carol knew there would be consequences if she had to confess or if anyone found out. She was prepared to tell Rick, that he would find out. She even suggested in council meeting that Rick do a timeline to see who was where and when as the slayings happened. That’s very interesting to note. Did she want to get caught? When she says to Rick that she did it, she stands there for a second and waits and he doesn’t say anything so she presses on with her task.”

We are going to float a rather interesting idea that we are sure you and some of your friends may have already discussed. Robert Kirkman is working on a “Walking Dead” spin-off with AMC, and is Carol now the favorite to be one of the stars of it? She is a character that already has a following (even if some hate her), and her story is completely open as McBride would not divulge whether or not you have really seen the last of Carol on the show.

What do you think of that idea in a “Walking Dead” spin-off series led at least in part by Carol? Share below, and click here to read some more “Walking Dead” news (including a preview for next week). For some of you who are big-time junkies when it comes to the ratings, the show held on to its 6.8 figure in the 18-49 demographic, and even improved in total viewers up to 13.3 million.

Photo: AMC

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