‘New Girl’ season 3, episode 7 preview: Damon Wayans Jr., Max Greenfield on Coach’s return

The latest -What is going to be the craziest part of Coach’s return to “New Girl” this week? There are really a pair of acceptable answers here, whether it be the character’s inability to remember Jess, or the entire story this week that is all about him deciding that the best way to make him feel better is going to be taking Schmidt and Nick to a strip club, and then forcing the two of them to sit there with him for as long as humanly possible, even though the two are exhausted and really want to be doing anything else.

In the video below, you can see Damon Wayans Jr. explain why he had so much fun coming back on the show as this character, who brings a sort of new male energy to the loft that hasn’t been there since the pilot. Coach is commanding, intense, and also has no idea as to how to be around women. (The idea of him curling strippers should be all of the evidence you need of that.)

There are also a few little quotes in here from Max Greenfield and Jake Johnson all about this situation that Coach causes, and how this is a fun little history lesson for them. Johnson has worked with Wayans over the summer on a movie entitled “Let’s Be Cops,” but Coach has not really even been discussed on the show since the first season.

But can you really go back home again? This question is the reason that we are not quite jumping up and down with excitement over seeing Coach on the show again just yet. We love the character and we love Wayans, but the challenge here is going to inherently be trying to capture that lightning in a bottle that was there the first time. The chemistry and the tone of the show has changed since the pilot, especially when it comes to Nick and Jess’ relationship. Hopefully he will come in and fit like a glove; not only that, but hopefully he will stick around for a while.

You can click here if you want to see more video from this episode … which you should since it is going to be hilarious and all.

Photo: Fox

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